Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black bears

 Recently, the neighborhood where my woodpile base is located has been buzzing with black bear sightings.  The humans have reported through email and phone networks that  a small black bear, possibly a cub, has been sighted twice in the woods next to the community.  They haven't seen the mother yet.  The local school, where Simon attends, has canceled outside recess until more is known about the situation.  Yesterday, as I trailed behind Marmee's walk to school I overheard at least one hundred excited children speculating about what the bear must be like, and if they would get to see it.

Of course I, Agent Chi had received reports of these new neighbors well before the humans.  When the chipmunk boys have ventured into the woods with their family, I have also tagged along.  Once, they were particularly close to one of the favorite bear hide outs, the local pond.  I found myself doing  a little bodyguard work on that occasion.

First, I tried to get the family to turn back.  I kept sending hypnotic glances towards the children, to make sure they whined a lot about walking.  It must have been very effective because the boys complained a lot of the time.  Still, the mother and her parents persisted in their pursuit of the pond.

I scrambled ahead to serve as a distraction to the bears.  Climbing a tree I began pelting them with acorns.  Quickly irritated, the chase was on.  My agility and skill allowed me to quickly lead them away from the family while I remained just out of reach.  My mission was successful, though I fear I may have created a new enemy.

Saturday, the family entertained guests, and was eating ribs and cherry pie on the back porch.  I was concerned the bears,  whom were still unknown to the humans, would be lured near with the smell.  As I stood guard I was startled and ready to fight when I saw the human children about to pet the bear cub!  I raced forward, about to reveal my secret identity, when I froze in my steps and realized it was only a friendly black dog the dinner guests had brought along.
A Facebook photo of the dog, attained from Marmee's friend
 Words cannot express the relief I felt.  I am keeping a close eye on this family until I know more about these bears.  I hope to form  an alliance with them to ensure the safety of these humans. If I can  find a good beehive to show the bears I think this will help make amends after the acorn incident.  Look for an update on this local situation in future reports. 

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